About felt

FELT is a studio, and a label founded in 2000 by Kathryn Walter who continues to direct the studio with a focus on the material and culture of modern industrial felt. Influenced by her background in visual art, Walter has created a body of work ranging from small objects to large-scale installations, and has been invited to participate in numerous exhibitions. She designs and makes accessories and furnishings, and has developed a series of wall-coverings that have been adapted to numerous interiors, working with architects, designers and clients that want to use felt and have a context for its application. She can respond to sites, budgets and ideas to create unique results for each situation. CONTACT the studio for more information.

Why felt?
Felt is a modern material based on an ancient craft, and is rich in aesthetic and material properties. It spans history even as it continues to evoke a contemporary quality. It is manufactured by machine but has the natural gravitas of stone or wood that attracts a primal sense of comfort. It is desirable for its unique look as well as for its practical characteristics including tactility and structure, and ability to resist fire and absorb sound.

The FELT studio emphasizes sustainability. Felt is made from wool, a renewable resource. Each project strives for maximum yield of material to reduce waste, and remnants and off-cuts are reused in various forms from limited editions to experimental installations. The studio is located in Toronto and FELT products are made in Canada.

More information on Kathryn Walter's practice see Beyond FELT (coming soon)