Canadian House and Home, 2013
An episode of online TV
This interview with Kathryn Walter takes the viewer on a tour of the FELT studio workshop, showcasing wall coverings, furnishings and some of the ideas behind FELT projects and products.

The Martha Stewart Show, 2009
A video profile of exhibition Fashioning Felt
Martha Stewart's crew takes you behind the scenes of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum's "Fashioning Felt" exhibit, featuring handmade felt works along with artists who work with industrial felt including Kathryn Walter.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, 2009
Panel on the Convergence of Craft & Industry
with Claudy Jongstra and Kathryn Walter
This presentation brings together two designers who incorporate felt into architecture from different perspectives. Both collaborate with designers to create decorative and functional installations. Kathryn Walter works primarily with industrial felt while Claudy Jongstra uses raw wool and natural dyes to make felt by hand. Moderated by curator, Susan Brown.

FELT production, 2008
Deeply FELT: A Home Movie
With tongue in cheek Kathryn Walter takes you on a tour through the many ways that she uses felt in her home. Part “How-To,” part Public Service Announcement, this playful romp through the material culture of felt walks the line between practicality and farce.

FELT production, 2008
A Public Service Announcement
This Public Service Announcement takes a look at how the material qualities of felt can provide comfort in adverse conditions. Be Prepared, Take cover with felt!