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Best of Canada Awards 2016

David Lasker for Canadian Interiors magazine October 15, 2016

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Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Design Awards is the country’s only design competition to focus on interior design projects and products without regard to size budget or location. This years’ jury, Sue Bennet, Johnson Chou, Scot Laughton and Jeremy Vandermeij awarded the Aesop store on Queens Street West by superkul the top prize of Project of the Year. The project features a wall and ceiling of rippled felt by Kathryn Walter.
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Toronto’s FELT studio focuses on Single Versatile Material

Leah Komishon for October 5, 2016


Simultaneously a multi-disciplinary studio and a material, FELT is a design agency founded by Kathryn Walter, a Toronto, Ontario artist…Eschewing all other materials, Walter has become a master of one. She blends this versatile textile into a variety of interior spaces for her clients. This specialization allows her studio to deliver a high degree of quality and customization in everything that they create…
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Feature Interview with Kathryn Walter

Todd Falkowsky for The Canadian Design Resource April 25, 2016


…I work with industrial felt, manufactured by machine in rolls and sheets. These forms inspire my hard-edge, clean-line aesthetic and dictate my approach to design—I use simple squares and rectangles to maximize the yield of material and to set limits for myself. I find I’m most creative when working within certain parameters…
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This Creative City – Kathryn Walter: Fabric-ator

Elizabeth Paglicolo for Designlines magazine March 8, 2016


In her backyard studio, Kathryn Walter is at work on rippled, heather-grey felt wall panels for a Chicago office designed by architecture great, Brininstool + Lynch. Samples from previous commissions – featuring everything from striated patterns to 3-D pyramid tiles – have been hung on the walls like museum pieces. “Felt has this mythic quality,” Walter says of the fabric, believed to be the first ever made by humans. “It’s at once organic and industrial in strength.”

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Weaving a connection between art and commerce

Karen von Hahn for The Toronto Star January 23, 2016

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Walter’s deft hand with industrial felt is already on permanent display at the recently opened Aesop, where, in collaboration with Toronto-based superkul architects who designed the store’s industrial-chic interior, Walter has created an elegant, rippling panel of pleated oat-coloured felt that rolls up one wall and onto the ceiling… The newly installed felt spill, however, which was created from some 2256 feet of remnants, is more in the line of a temporary intervention…

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Aesop’s Toronto Flagship Exudes Urban-Chic

Eric Mutrie for Azure online July 27, 2015

superkül’s minimalist design for the Australian skincare company’s first Canadian outpost – in Toronto’s trendy West Queen West district – contrasts a warm felt wall with cool blackened steel accents… the tactile fabric wall by FELT Studio’s Kathryn Walter, a rippled installation which curves to also cover a portion of the ceiling, is meant to evoke a landscape…

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Trade by Kathryn Walter/FELT

For December 9, 2014


One of the most interesting facets of Assets & Values, an exhibition of new Canadian design that took place during Toronto Design Week, was Trade, an installation by Kathryn Walter comprised of a pile of felt disks to which passersby could help themselves, in return for a token of exchange. The disks were remnants of an unrelated production, but their size and shape lent appeal. Coasters? Playthings? Insulators? And to add to perceived value, each disk bore the label of Walter’s studio, FELT…

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An episode of online TV focuses on FELT studio

This interview with Kathryn Walter takes the viewer on a tour of the FELT studio workshop, showcasing wall coverings, furnishings and some of the ideas behind FELT projects and products.

Styles Files: H and H checks in with Three Designers

Beth Edwards for Canadian House and Home magazine February 1, 2012

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Ten years ago, the Interior Design Show initiated a groundbreaking showcase for independent and emerging Canadian Designers called Studio North… We visit alumni who caught our eye early on and lived up to expectations: Kathryn Walter, Bradley Denton and Pascale Girardin…. Walter highlights felt’s textural appeal in large-scale installations…

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Design’s leading Lights: The Material Girl

Dierdre Kelly for The Globe and Mail newspaper January 21, 2012

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When Toronto’s Kathryn Walter first started experimenting with industrial felt just over a decade ago, she earned a reputation as a designer of intimate housewares. Since then, Walter has dramatically expanded her scope and repertoire using the material to create monumental wall installations…

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FELT studio: Exploring the Material and Culture of Industrial Felt

Cambria Bold for Apartment Therapy July 18, 2011

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The FELT Studio, led by Kathryn Walter and based in Toronto, is a laboratory that “explores the material and culture of modern industrial felt.” Walter’s body of work ranges from intimate artworks to large-scale installations commissioned by both museums and private clients. We thought her work was a fascinating look at the variety and aesthetic appeal of this modern material.

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That’s How She Felt

Leslie Jen for Canadian Architect magazine September 1, 2010

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A strong background in fine art is evident in the work of Kathryn Walter, who utilizes industrial wool felt in a plethora of fascinating applications, from accessories to industrial design to architectural interiors…

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Form Function Felt

Sarah Nasby for Ornamentum magazine September 1, 2010


Spool Stool elegantly expresses the felt-ness of felt: it’s strength and durability and its basic organizing principle—the ability to roll for storage. The design extends from the artist’s sensitivity to the natural characteristics of the material and the restraint in her control over it. The unforced gesture of the rolled objects creates an open-ended form with proportions that make it appropriate for myriad domestic uses from stools to tables to footrests to sculpture…

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A Feel for Felt

Oliva Stren for Azure magazine June 1, 2010


This profile is a comprehensive look at a wide range of FELT projects. “One of the driving forces behind her work is the potential for new uses for the material. She picks up a square of felt, like any artist with a blank canvas, considering the infinite…”

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Off the Wall

Pamela Young for Applied Arts magazine March 1, 2010

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Toronto’s FELT Studio creates wall coverings and personal accessories made of felt. Disk-O a design by the studio’s founder, Kathryn Walter, blankets walls with three-dimensional felt disks that create interesting texture while diverting waste from landfills—the disks are remnants from an industrial die-cutting process…

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Behind the Scenes of the Cooper Hewitt Felt Exhibit

The Martha Stewart Show Mar 30, 2009

Martha Stewart’s crew takes you behind the scenes of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s “Fashioning Felt” exhibit, featuring handmade felt works along with artists who work with industrial felt including Kathryn Walter.