365 Pieces of Felt, David Kaye Gallery, Toronto

Launching January 2018 during the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, 365 Pieces of Felt is represented in a window installation at David Kaye Gallery where photographs appear—one each day—each demonstrating one of the myriad and diverse ways that felt can work. A pile of felt on the floor looks like a pile of waste, but as the images appear a rich resource is revealed. See the month unfold day by day through photographs of pieces of felt in everyday places demonstrating the broad materiality of felt through playful and practical applications.

This project follows Walter’s interest in exploring the limits of felts material properties, and adds another piece to a series of FELT piles that makes use of remnants from FELT studio projects. 365 Pieces of Felt will be featured through 2018 on FELT studio's blog:


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