Directions and Intersections in Current Canadian Design, Clarington Art Centre

FELT spool stools were included in this exhibition curated by Julie Nicholson and Shaun Moore for The Clarington Art Centre in Bowmanville Ontario, 2012. AHDI-Lift Coffee Table is seen in the foreground of the above image. Three FELT Spool Stools are in the background. Other designers include Wheeler Studio, Katherine Morley, Grant Heaps, Elsworthy Wang, Heidi Earnshaw, Loyal Loot, among others...

'Directions and Intersections in Current Canadian Design' aims to introduce a cross section of work made by independent, contemporary practices… They offer many connections and overlaps in works that articulate craft and skills through present day lens…. Objects are made with care and environmental awareness, often aiming for sustainability, using materials that offer character, durability and longevity or the potential for recyclability.'
Excerpt from exhibition catalogue text by curators Moore and Nicholson