FELT studio at Ryerson University

In 2018 Kathryn Walter taught a senior studio course at Ryerson's School of Interior Design (RSID) about none other than felt! A class competition resulted in an experiential learning opportunity for students to create a permanent installation of a felt wall in the University's library.

"Cosine" is the name of the proposal by Valeria Gulia and Adriana Lychacz that was the selected project. Fabricated at the FELT studio by Valeria Gulia and Adriana Lychacz with their peers Alexis Domagas, Sorrah Han, Georgina Maghari, Amy Shim, Candace Thompson and Katrina Zeng and Kathryn Walter.

“Cosine” takes the specificity of the Library site into consideration using the form of waves to represent the idea that knowledge is in a constant state of flux. The material is used effectively to shape soft forms that appear to bulge from the surface. A contrasting red felt, formed in smaller waves, is seen only upon closer look beneath each undulation. Almost body-like, this warm interior wall offers a striking balance to the building’s surrounding concrete structure.
This project was pponsored by FELT studio, Interior Felt and Built Work Design