Hyatt Regency Long Beach, EDG Design

Walter responded to the design team's desire to create a coastal feel to these meeting rooms by adapting her Striation variation to the walls. Project designers, EDG, specified the yellow metal angles to cut the panels like fault lines and a carpet customized to appear ocean-like with water tones and the texture of currents. The FELT Striation panels were fabricated to fit the metal frames made by the millwork contractor.

Industrial felts of various thicknesses and natural tones were cut into pieces and adhered to panels in a painterly fashion to appear as an abstracted landscape. Where adjacent sections meet at hard angles, panels appear to shift like rock faces.

• Palette of sand, soil and rock form organic layers cut by angles
• Strips and strata allude to a mountainous coast
• Straight lines and edges contrast meandering lines on carpet
• Greys and browns of land complement blues and greens of water
• Walls like earth meet ocean floor