New Landscape: Design Transforms Canadian Furniture, Design Exchange, Toronto

This FELT Armchair designed and fabricated by Kathryn Walter was commissioned by The Design Exchange, Toronto, 2001 for the exhibition 'New Landscapes: Design Transforms Canadian Furniture' curated by Rachel Gotlieb that also toured to Canada House, London, UK, fall 2002

This chair is one of four prototypes by artists, architects and designers commissioned to focus on sustainability. It is made from wool felt, a renewable resource that contains 20% recycled fibres. It is convertible by design, and produced with no waste. Here felt is used as both a surface and a structure. Folded felt forms the seat held together by four metal rods, and four metal legs extend upward to create the arms. Built from 2’ x 6’ wide pieces of felt stitched, folded and bolted together, it uses the 6’ wide dimension of the raw material to maximize yield and reduce waste. This seating system can be converted to an ottoman or expanded to form a bench.