Offsite Onsite, Interior Design Show, Toronto

'Retreat' was produced for Offsite Onsite, a special project presented by the Interior Design Show, Toronto, 2012 that featured four invited artists and designers. Designed and made by Kathryn Walter, "Retreat" offers a tongue and cheek look at the comforts of home, and sends a nod to the Toronto occupy movement which was disbanded from St James Park a month before this show.

This convertible armchair turns into a home away from home! The parts unroll and bolt together to create variations in form from armchair to backpack to personal shelter. Zip the edges together to make a grouping of chairs. The felt protects against weather, insulates heat and cold, filters chemicals and resists fire. It cushions, it shields, it safeguards against the elements and other hazards!

Influences include visual art, design and material culture in the work of designer Gaetano Pesce, visual artist Joseph Beuys and Shepherd's coat from Afghanistan