Radiant Dark, Commerce Court, Toronto

This project was produced for the exhibition 'Radiant Dark" curated by Shaun Moore and Julie Nicholson during Toronto Design Week in 2010. The exhibition took place in the lobby of Commerce Court at the centre of the financial district in downtown Toronto with the theme "Assets and Values." Walter interpreted this theme through the idea of trade.

A pile of FELT disks lies on the floor. This mound is rich and contradictory in form as it is heaped like waste and branded like product. The disks are remnants—gasket centers—worthless yet full of possibility. A sign beside the pile invited viewers to trade:

100% wool FELT Disks
coaster, pad, cushion, toy...
Its function is yours to determine.

Take one
leave something in return
Its value is yours to determine.

As the pile of felt diminished over time a pile of odds and ends increased beside it. These tokens of exchange from ticket stubs to poetry raised questions about what is waste and what has value?