Remnants, Nuit Blanche and Images Festival, Toronto

'Remnants' was exhibited as part of 'Out of Site' curated by Earl Miller on Queen Street West, Toronto during Nuit Blanche, 2009. It was first produced for the Images New Media Festival at Zsa Zsa Gallery, Toronto, 2005 where it won a jury citation for Best Canadian Media Artwork.

This installation transformed a storefront on gentrified Queen Street West into a tableau where the artist occupied her own sweatshop, where process prevailed over financial gain. Hunched over a sewing machine, she continuously stitched remnants into a pile. The motor of her sewing machine powered a projector via a pulley system. The projected loop of billowing smokestacks faded in and out with speed with her work. As the pile of material increased, the image of industry deteriorated over time. 'Remnants' made using ends and off-cuts of felt accumulated over several years of FELT studio production.

'Remnants' was supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council