Shelter, York Quay Gallery Project Window, Harbourfront Toronto

'Shelter' was here installed as part of an exhibition curated by Patrick McCauley at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, 2008
Retail space meets natural history in this storefront display come museological diorama where the material culture of felt is given post-apocalyptic flare.

'Shelter' is a clothing line that gives new meaning to the concept "ready-to-wear." In the event of an emergency you will be prepared with this stylish collection of apparel that doubles as gear for basic refuge and survival. From head to toe, each item is fashioned from simple rectangles or squares of industrial felt, a material that delivers chic design with clean lines and endless versatility. Felt resists flames, resists chemicals, insulates against heat and cold. It's a padding. It's a shield. It's a shelter!

Felt remains tough and durable even under the most adverse conditions. Take cover with Shelter, a must-have uniform for your security. The cape is a tent. The hat is a filter. Transform your outfit into a home away from home!

Each item is represented by a pattern showing the wide scope of simple rectangular pieces of felt.

Co-incidence? During the same month as 'Shelter' opened, Harper's magazine published this reference to the 'D-Day Cup'

'Shelter" was supported by Canada Council for the Arts