Slack Toronto, Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

The felt covered reception area at Slack offices in Toronto began with a brainstorm session with the project design team at Dubbeldam Architecture + Design when we looked at research the architects had compiled including their ideas for the space. Images of looms, yarns and fabrics that recalled the history of the Quality Knitting Building where the office is situated and the surrounding Queen Street area which not long ago was home to a range of textile-related industries, were combined with linear forms, screens and cables alluding to the contemporary context of this software company.

The felt follows the design of the architects’ vision with continuous bands of felt that zig across the angular ceiling and zag down the wall. As the felt flows over hard edge angles it breaks along the seam causing a rock-like fissure. The bands vary in width and thickness giving the space a rich linear texture. And, the soft warm palette of the felt at once contrasts and complements the saturated tones of the surrounding painted surfaces.