The Art of Wallpaper, Cambridge Galleries

FELT Disk-O wallcovering designed for the exhibition 'The Art of Wallpaper' at Cambridge Galleries, 2009

"'The Art of Wallpaper' celebrates the art behind the popular, yet often maligned decorative device, and its recent revival. From early 20th century hand painted samples by Europe's top studios, The 'Art of Wallpaper' fast forwards to today's bespoke, limited edition and designer production lines that serve as a unique creative outlet for artists and designers from around the world. The exhibition is intended as a portal from which to view a shifting wallpaper industry, primarily due to the escalation of small-scale designer driven studios in recent years."
Esther E. Shipman, curator

Disk-O is made from the remnants of die-cut gaskets. These 1/2” thick x 4" diameter felt disks are adhered to a fabric backing 20” wide and produced in rolls from 6’ to 10’ long as specified. When pasted side by side, overlapping at the edges, they create a continuous grid pattern across the wall.