Then Again, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives, Ottawa

'Then Again' was a tribute to the continuing legacy of Toronto's Art Metropole, a centre for the production and exhibition of artist publications and multiples.

"The publications range from representative pieces that span an artist’s career to artworks by succeeding generations who have realigned the practice of art as set by their predecessors or who have appropriated the work of another artist in a critical way, transforming the copy so that it emerges as a new statement. The German sculptor Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) had an enormous impact on many contemporary artists. Felt and fat became his signature media for many of his sculptures. Beuys’s felt hat, which he always wore, was a symbol of the artist himself. Beuys related his conception of sculpture to the properties of the unusual media he chose to use. Fat imbues other materials; felt absorbs whatever surrounds it. To Beuys, the object’s outer manifestation encloses the object itself, protecting it so that its inner being radiates life. Kathryn Walter, a Canadian artist, pays homage to Beuys’s chosen media and to her family’s fourth-generation industrial felt business by creating a felt butter dish."
excerpt from exhibition essay by curator, Peter Trepanier