True Nordic: How Scandinavia Influenced Design in Canada, Gardiner Museum, Toronto

True Nordic' is curated by Rachel Gotlieb and Michael Prokopow for the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, 2016. This landmark exhibition explores more than seven decades of Nordic aesthetic influence in Canadian design. Examining the ways that modern Scandinavian design was introduced to Canada and how its aesthetic principles and material forms were adopted and adapted by Canadian artisans and designers, 'True Nordic' presents a comprehensive, critical survey of Canadian furniture, ceramics, textiles, metalwork, and glassware.

FELT spool stool is among works by other contemporary Canadian designers including Brothers Dressler, Heidi Earnshaw, MSDS studio, Katherine Morley, Castor, Molo Design and Loyal Loot...

The exhibition travels to the Vancouver Art Gallery and the New Brunswick Museum through 2017.

FELT spool stools have found homes in numerous private residences and have been specified for commercial projects such as a series of sixteen for select Frye Company retail stores in the US including Atlanta and Dallas; and a series of twelve for The Loft Suites at La Ferme Hotel in Charlevoix Quebec.